SEO Web Design in Cedar City

SEO search engine optimzation Cedar City, Utah

Even in small towns like Cedar City, Utah SEO, Search Engine Optimzation, is an important aspect to a professional website.

The design elements of your new website will certainly keep the attention of your web viewer.  Everyone enjoys a visually pleasant and engaging website.   How exactly will your viewers find your website?  Do you know which keywords or phrases customers will use to find you?  Let’s take a moment to talk about search engine optimization for organic search results.

Organic search simply means that you are not paying for the search ranking.  SEM stands for search engine marketing.  And this refers to paid search results.  Those are the results that are at the very top and to the right on the Google search page.  High organic search results are important to your business.  Most people will use the top three results of their search.  If you are lower than the top three chances are your customer will not see your website since they are likely to re-do their search.

Take a few moments to look at your keywords and see how they rank.  You can do this using Google’s Keywords Tool.  This is a free tool offered in Google Ad Words.  You will need to sign up for a Google Ad Words account.  The account sign-up is free and you are not required to run a Google Ad.

Once you get logged in to Google Ad Words select the Keywords Tool.  Put in various search terms you believe your client might use to find your website.  Put in lots of words.  Remember you are just researching at this point.  See which words rank and how they could apply to your website.  Start a list of the search terms you would like to rank for.  You can always add to this list as time goes by.

Now that you have your list start thinking about content that can go with these terms.  For example ‘moving to Cedar City’ might be a phrase you would like to rank high for.  Create a page with engaging and informative content that focuses on moving to Cedar City.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised when people stumble across your website.

Besides looking good a fantastic website design will also include smart search engine optimization (SEO) on all it’s pages even in small towns like Cedar City.